Friday, December 11, 2015

EcoSelect Furniture: A Custom Design Company

At EcoSelect, our goal is to have customers be an integral part of their sofa design and purchase experience. That is why we discuss with individual buyers exactly what their needs are.

Often, I ask a series of questions to determine if any of the people who will regularly be using the sofa is above average height or on the shorter side. Why? So that our craftsman can change the seating height of the piece by simply adjusting the size of the feet. An inch modification higher or lower will make a great difference in the comfort of the sofa. It will give taller folks more thigh support, and give shorter folks the ability to have their feet flat on the floor. It will facilitate sitting down and getting up.

All of our “styles,” with the exception of the Georgetown line, offer four different choices for the supporting “feet” of the sofa. They are the square, bun, turned, and tapered options. As you go deeper into the style line on the website, you will see a window that opens showing the possibilities. While we have selected the foot style that we believe most strongly complements the style of the piece itself, there is no hard and fast rule. We look at the bigger picture. This means discussing changing the standard foot to be more of a match to your pre-existing decorating style, or other pieces in your space.

One of our most popular items, particularly for those city dwellers that live in apartments, is the sleep-sofa. The majority of our designs can be converted, and they come with an eco-friendly coil spring mattress and a recycled steel frame. There is an additional
charge, but it provides the “extra room” capability that most of our urban customers need so desperately!

Our chairs can be ordered as full recliners. They come with a “push-back” mechanism (which means no handle is required), or chairs can be ordered with a swivel base so everyone can participate in a conversation  and also see the TV more comfortably.

Another way to alter the upholstery is to change the cushion construction. Our standard seat cushion has a center coil spring unit covered in foam on both sides, then wrapped in pillow fiber and put in a cotton bag. That entire cushion core is inserted into the fabric or leather cover, which has zippers so the cover can be removed for cleaning or replacement. However, if you want an ultra-soft, plushier feel we offer a cushion that has 50 percent down/ feathers and 50 percent fiber—without the coil spring interior. This creates the feeling of sinking down into the cushion. Periodic “fluffing” to maintain the cushion’s shape is required, and there is an additional fee based on the materials.

We also do pure custom work, so if you have a photo of your dream sofa and would like us to give you a quote on it, you can send it in and we will take a look!

In addition to sofas, chairs, and loveseats, we have added items based on popular demand. Our ottomans come either as a storage-formulated piece, or a simply shaped square or rectangle. They are great for putting your feet up—or as an additional seating unit when you have extra guests. Several clients have asked for matching pillows, so that is now a regularly offered item.

The most important fact about our lines is that they have no toxic chemicals or fire retardants. So while you may consider making changes to our set styles, sizes, and furniture feet, you will never have to worry about your family’s safety!

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