Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fighting to Protect Our Children’s Health

EcoSelect Furniture - Malibu collection
Creating furniture without toxins, and utilizing traditional craftsmanship using natural, sustainable products and process is key to the EcoSelect philosophy. We know the chemicals that can be found in flame retardants and formaldehyde glues have been linked to a spectrum of health conditions  including those particularly dangerous to young children.

Neurodevelopmental issues leading to learning deficits and impacted IQs are the last things we would want to expose our growing youngsters to.Parents consistently seek us out as an option for furniture that does not contain organohalogens, a type of chemical widely used in flame retardant mixtures.

A petition, which was open to pubic comments, was filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission with the goal of banning consumer products in four areas from containing organohalogens. Mattresses and furniture comprised two of these categories. Dr. Sandra G. Hassink, President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, one of many organizations which signed on to the action wrote, “In order to grow and thrive, every child needs a safe and healthy environment.”

Two grassroots entities that are mobilized by mothers have been at the forefront of this concern. Moms Clean Air Force and Moms Rising have both made the safety of furniture in the home a priority. They are our allies in this fight for the future of our kids and their well-being.

As the new year progresses, we will keep you informed of actions geared to fighting to protect our children’s health from harmful chemicals in our lives. We are all in this together and make up part of a bigger picture.