Monday, October 17, 2016

Witches, Goblins, and Toxins

October is the month of scary witches and goblins! Unfortunately, it’s also turning out to be more frightening than usual. With the extreme weather brought by Hurricane Matthew, here in Charleston, South Carolina, we were on guard, unsure of what the shifting patterns would bring to the area. All turned out pretty well here, though some clean-up was needed. The factory in North Carolina was not affected, despite the $1.5 billion in damage state officials estimated the storm caused. Our thoughts and prayers go out to families that suffered losses.

Climate change, chemicals in our homes, and toxins in our furniture are all pieces of the environmental picture. Ramifications connected to the disruption of nature may seem unrelated to our daily lives until we feel the results either directly or overtly.

We're experiencing the circumstances of disrupting and polluting our ecosystems as it becomes more evident the balance of our earthly cycles is increasingly upset.

Rising temperatures impact these natural cycles. The habitats and behaviors of birds and insects are a reflection of this fact as they try to adapt to new conditions and challenges. As a result, swaths of American forests are being infested with beetles, with trees suffering defoliation and dying. Forest fires have also become prevalent.

It’s all interrelated.

Toxins in sofa materials negatively damage the health of kids, adults, and pets. This can include skin, eye, and respiratory reactions. For our youngest children, harmful contaminants taken out of infant clothes but still remaining in fire retardants can translate into lower IQs, cognitive, and learning disorders. Among firefighters, who are on the front line of contact with the chemicals released in home fires, cancer is on the rise.

As Halloween approaches, remember that the ghouls and goblins we don’t see can have consequences. EcoSelect believes that each of us, whether as individuals or as a business entity, play a role in keeping the planet safe. When you enjoy your candy and treats this October 30th, know that when you sit on our furniture, there will be no hidden surprises lurking like ghosts!