Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Chemical Lobbyist Spins Benefits of Chemical Flame Retardants in Maine

I continue to bring awareness to this topic after reading an opinion article yesterday in The Bangor Daily News about protecting firefighters. The author opined that eliminating the use of flame retardants in couches was a bad idea, if you weighed the benefits of surviving a fire over everyday personal health. The contributor of the article is also the chair of the Science Advisory Council for the North American Flame Retardant Alliance, which is a well-known lobby group for big chemical. Here is another classic case of how the industry fights legislation by using a disenfranchised group as a political shield to protect its interest, cast doubt and sway opinion.
The movie “Thank You For Smoking” highlights how the alcohol, tobacco and firearm industry has perfected this message to bend the truth, and make the public question what is in their best interest. Also an uncomfortably, goofy love story of sorts, the ending moral reminds us that as long as there is money in politics, special interest legislation will be defended by men with machine gun mouths and giant marketing budgets.
With every victory declared in the fight against dangerous and toxic chemicals in our everyday items, there will be a reaction, and one that is also marketable. The ruling change of TB 117 doesn’t force any manufacturer to remove the chemical flame retardants, but does require labeling which must be easily recognizable. The labeling doesn’t require listing of any other chemicals used in the manufacturing process either. There is a lot of “greenwashing” by the large manufacturers who find it easier to change marketing than actual processes that make furniture non-toxic, eco-friendly and sustainable.
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