Tuesday, July 26, 2016

EcoSelect Furniture Joins EcoMall

EcoSelect Furniture is excited about becoming part of the EcoMall community, one of Google's top green living shopping sites, and was featured in Natural Home Magazine and Time Magazine!

We are proud to be part of this community that has been online since 1994, and based in the USA. 

I encourage you to sign-up for their Green Living Magazine newsletter that features numerous topics about living healthier and how to find better, sustainable products that are kind to our environment. It's easy to search the database site for your product needs too. They also feature a mobile app

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Power of Social Media

It is always gratifying to know that your company’s product has received a top rating from an established entity like the Better Business Bureau.

We just heard from the Better Business Bureau that our grade was once again an A+!

Over the last twelve months, 68 people checked out our listing to learn more about us. We are also a member of the Sustainable Furnishing Council and a certified Green Plus business.

Yet, the shout-outs we get on our Social Media platforms are our greatest sources of satisfaction. It is genuine customer approval, a word of mouth recommendation from one person to others with similar values and concerns.

On Facebook, we have a 5-star rating. We frequently get “Likes” and messages posted by those customers who are thrilled to have found a source for both safe, fire-retardant free furniture and designs reflecting style and elegance.

Recently, I got a personal note, which the sender told me I could share:

"Hi Ken,
I am so grateful to have a high-quality, non-toxic couch! The more I researched chemical flame-retardants and the other toxic ingredients of most sofas, the more I didn't want our family exposed to that. Most non-toxic sofas are rather prohibitively expensive, but I read several online sources pointing to EcoSelect.

Our sofa arrived a few days ago, and I am so pleased with how attractive and well-made it is and comfortable! It really adds a nice air to our living room, and best of all, no toxic smells. Your gracious and responsive customer service has been greatly appreciated as well. Thank you!



As the earth’s environment faces continuing challenges, we feel that the small difference we are making in our corner of the world is having ripple effects. The more consumers understand their options, the more they will push back against products that are harmful.

Thanks to all our customers for making us part of the solution!