Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Why We Only Use Sustainable, Certified Wood

It starts with certified, sustainable
Poplar and Maple hardwood frames
Our customers are concerned with buying furniture that is not made with toxic fire retardants or other chemicals.

Although that is a key feature that sets us apart from other manufacturers, our commitment to sustainability is of equal concern.

Furniture is the third largest user of lumber, after construction and packaging. Although most consumers are aware of the problems facing rain forests, knowledge of the specifics are under the radar.

The Amazon Rainforest is consistently ravished for it's hardwoods, mostly illegally, and then exported on a global, unsustainable scale. This wood finds its way into both expensive and inexpensive furniture.

Rainforests function as virtual lungs for the planet. They absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen more efficiently than other forests. This helps the world’s climate to stabilize. In addition, rainforests are home to 50 percent of all plant and animal habitat species on earth. The existence of global rain forests protects against soil erosion, drought, and floods. It also supports the indigenous populations who have been dwelling there for centuries.

An example: China has an ongoing call for rosewood, because it is the type of wood in demand for their classical furniture designs. With an increased supply and demand situation, rosewood has become the most highly trafficked property in the world.

Forest crimes are not the only part of the picture. Trees are an integral part of the ecosystem which is connected to the control of insects, disease, and droughts.

Government involvement in the United States protects and regulates forests. One of the better-known rules, the Idaho law, requires forest practices to protect soil and water, and guarantee reforestation
after trees have been harvested.

Illegal logging is the source for about 15 percent of lumber used in furniture. That is why we utilize legally and sustainably sourced wood, bought from vendors with a verifiable chain of custody. It is tagged with the label “SFI certified,” short for Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Ecoselect purchases only Poplar or Maple, which is then kiln-dried to stabilize it. Since it comes from the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, the delivery transportation footprint is relatively low.

Curious to learn more about how each individual can make a difference, via their purchases and life style? Take this Ecological Footprint Quiz. Check out their Canopy Project, which “strengthens communities through tree planting.”

We are all in this together.

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